Margie Munsayac, HSMA President (leftmost) and Rose Libongco, Virtus Awards Chair (rightmost) flank the 2016 Virtus Awards winners (left to right) Marivic Recio of The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts (Leader category), Ma. Trixie Ong of Best Western Hotel La Corona Manila (Associate category), June Kelly Ichinomiya of The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts (Manager category), and Ann Olalo of Radisson Blu Cebu (Marketing Campaign category).

Setting the Tone of Excellence

We believe excellence should be recognized

That is why the HSMA launched the Virtus Awards in 2015 in collaboration with industry stakeholders. The multi-category competition offers a unique platform among hotel sales and marketing professionals in the country to tell their stories of excellence and success that resonate well beyond the hotel and resort industry. It acknowledges customer and business-focused strategies as well as innovative and creative programs that bring about measurable results and return on investments to their properties. The Virtus Awards is designed to shift paradigms in hospitality excellence.

The Virtus Awards is essential to the Filipino sales and marketing professional's continued journey towards excellence. As global boundaries blur, competition across economies will result in, among other things, upward pressure on sales and marketing professionals to lead with vision, to harness creativity and innovation in creating new markets and to deliver enhanced benefits to customers.

Entry Fees
and Deadlines
Awards Night
Judging Nomination Forms
Submit Online Partners

Entry Eligibility

  1. For all award categories:
    1. The Nominator should come from an HSMA member-property to ensure familiarity with the performance being cited, as well as have the authority to release and share information, as included in the Declaration.
    2. HSMA membership dues must be paid up for the calendar year 2017-2018.
  2. For the individual award categories, the following eligibility criteria will apply:
    1. Regular employees who have served in the HSMA member-property for at least one (1) year, including the covered period of 01 July 2016 to 30 June 2017.
    2. Nominees should have no past and/or pending administrative or criminal case.
    3. Consultants, project employees, and others whose engagement with the HSMA member-property is temporary in nature, are not qualified.

Entry Fees and Deadlines

  1. Completed entries will not move to the screening phase until payment is received.
  2. Entry fees are as follows:
    Early Entry
    15 June - 31 July 2017
    Late Entry
    01 - 15 August 2017
    PhP3,000.00 per entry PhP4,000.00 per entry

  3. Payment of entry fee can be made through bank deposit to:
    Account Name : Organization of Hotel Sales & Marketing Professionals, Inc.
    Account Number : Current Account No. 004598013322
    Bank : Banco de Oro
    Bank Address : Boni Ligaya Branch

  4. Please scan a copy of the transaction receipt with your name indicated and upload it in the Payment Details section of the Nomination Form.
  5. Entries will no longer be accepted after 15 August 2017.

Competition Categories

Individual awards shall cover positions within the Sales and Marketing Department (i.e. Room Sales, Events Management, Catering, Reservations, Public Relations and Communication and Revenue Management). There are three (3) categories:

  1. OUTSTANDING SALES AND MARKETING ASSOCIATE Regular employees of an HSMA member-property who provide direct/indirect sales and marketing support to secure and/or implement business revenue streams. Examples of positions which fall under this category may include, but not limited to, the following: Sales Coordinator, Sales Executive, Marketing Officer, Events Officer, Events Coordinator, Events and Catering Assistant, PR Associate/PR Assistant, E-Commerce Executive, Sales Secretary, Executive/ Administrative Assistant.
  2. OUTSTANDING SALES AND MARKETING MANAGER Regular employees of an HSMA member-property who directly/indirectly delivers any one or more of the sales & marketing components to secure and/or implement business revenue streams. Examples of positions which fall under this category may include, but not limited to, the following: Reservations Agent, Assistant Director of Sales, Senior Sales Manager/Sales Manager, Assistant Director of Events Management, Meetings and Events Manager, Banquet Manager, PR/Marketing Communications Manager, Reservations Manager/Assistant Manager, Revenue Manager, E-Commerce Manager, Director of Catering, Director of Events Management, Director of PR & Advertising
  3. OUTSTANDING SALES AND MARKETING LEADER Regular employees of an HSMA member-property who leads and orchestrates at least two(2) or more activities/functions which directly/indirectly define, or shape, the sales & marketing strategy to secure and/or implement business revenue streams. Examples of positions which fall under this category may include, but not limited to, the following: Director of Marketing, Director of Sales, Director of Sales and Marketing, others with limited position titles but whose scope meet above definition.

A Corporate award will be given to recognize an HSMA member-property with the most Outstanding Marketing Campaign of the Year. The campaign should:

IMPORTANT: The category of each submission may be subject to change during the screening phase. HSMA reserves the right to re-classify an entry to a higher/lower level based on its appreciation of the accomplishment/ achievement being cited and the position of the Nominee. For clarifications, please get in touch with the Virtus Awards Secretariat.

Submission of Nomination Forms

  1. Separate and specific Nomination Forms are available for each Category. Instructions and clarifications are provided, as necessary, in each form.
  2. All entries may be submitted in hard copy format and/or online.
  3. To allow reported performance by the Nominee to be substantiated and validated, a minimum creative file of one (1) upload or link, for all categories, will be required.
  4. Supporting materials may be uploaded in a variety of electronic formats. Please review file format and size requirements to avoid entry problems.
  5. Deadline for submission of nomination forms, and payment of entry fees, will be on 15 August 2017. There will be no extensions. An acknowledgment message will be sent for successful submissions.

Online Application Process

  1. Prepare your information and data prior to filling up the online form. You may download a pdf copy of the Nomination Forms for your reference.

    Online Nomination Forms

    Sales & Marketing Associate Category Sales & Marketing Manager Category Sales & Marketing Leader Category Marketing Campaign of the Year Category
  2. Fill up the Nomination Form online.
  3. Please read the Declaration carefully before signing. Any willful misrepresentation will be grounds for disqualification.
  4. Submit online form, with proof of payment, on or before 11:59 p.m. of 15 August 2017 (Philippine Time). Hard copy submissions should be submitted before close of office hours on the same day.
  5. Receipt notification will be sent to the e-mail address of both the Nominator as well as the Nominee.

File Requirements

The following file types and sizes will be allowed for the submission of entries:
File Type Size
Links and URL's
(links need to remain active through December 2017
Graphics: PDF, GIF, JPEG/JPG Maximum of 5 MB
Video: MPEG/MPG, WMV, MOV Maximum of 20MB
Audio: AVI, WMG, WAV, MP3, AIFF Maximum of 5MB

Minimum creative file requirement for all categories is one (1) upload or link.


  1. For the Individual awards, only accomplishments and/or achievements from the period 01 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 will be considered for this Virtus Awards cycle. Concrete details on achievements and/or accomplishments by the NOMINEE, which highlight creativity and innovation in the following areas will be given weight:

    Weights will be distributed as follows:

    Criteria Weight (%)
    Actual Accomplishments and/or Achievements 40
    Customer Orientation and Business Specific Knowledge 20
    Team Work and Interpersonal Relationships 20
    Commitment to Continuing Education 20
    TOTAL 100
  2. For the Corporate Award, sales and marketing campaigns launched and/or ongoing from 01 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 may be submitted.

    Weights will be distributed as follows:

    Criteria Weight (%)
    Marketing Objectives and Content 30
    Creativity and Innovation 30
    Results / Return on Investment 30
    Presentation 10
    TOTAL 100
  3. The Virtus Awards 2017 Organizing Committee will screen all nominations and shortlist submissions based on those which best meet the criteria for each Awards Category.
  4. The Category of each submission may be subject to change during the screening phase. Contest Organizers reserve the right to re-classify an entry to a higher/lower level based on its appreciation of the accomplishment/achievement being cited and the position of the Nominee.
  5. All shortlisted Nominees will be submitted for evaluation by a Panel of Judges. The shortlisted Nominees may be called for an interview, where the Nominee will have the chance to further elaborate on his/her performance, as well as give the Panel of Judges the opportunity to validate/clarify points relevant to the performance. Date and place of the interview will be announced later.
  6. Stalwarts of the travel and tourism industry, members of the academe and thought leaders in the fields of advertising, public relations, media and digital marketing will comprise the Panel of Judges. Each Category will have its own dedicated Panel of three (3) Judges.
  7. Judges will evaluate each entry based on its own merit and success. Scores will then be added cumulatively to arrive at an average score. Each entry will be scored by the three (3) judges, secretly.
  8. All scores will be computed electronically and verified by officials of HSMA and representatives from an independent auditing firm. Final scores will not be revealed until the awarding ceremony.
  9. Judging of entries will be held on 15 September 2017

Awards Night

Winners will be announced in a Gala Dinner on 23 October 2017 at the Mayuree Ballroom, Dusit Thani Manila. The Black-Tie networking and celebratory event allows sales and marketing professionals in the hotels and resorts industry to connect with each other and engage with key players in the tourism industry.

Gala Dinner Tickets may be ordered at the following rates:

Early Bird Rate
By 15 October 2017
Regular Rate
After 15 October 2017
PhP2,000.00 per seat PhP2,500.00 per seat